Home Staging Tips to Light Up Your Listings
Home Staging Tips to Light Up Your Listings
We’ve all heard it time and time again, when it comes to nighttime showings: “don’t do it!” Yet, unless you’re willing to place a timed lockbox on your listings, this isn’t something that you can control. With busy lives and a fast-paced real estate market, trusting that other agents will not show your listings after dusk may not be realistic. Many savvy buyers also want to see a home and the neighborhood at different times of day – especially in the evening. This might mean just driving by or stopping for a moment. This can give buyers the opportunity to see traffic patterns in the area, have a feel for the neighborhood activity, and identify potential nuisances or safety issues. With this in mind, here are some tips to pass on to your clients to make sure their homes show their best even after dark.

Light Up the Outside

From lanterns to spotlights, here ways that outdoor lighting can help make a home stand out.
  • Lighting the front door will make a home look more inviting and make accessing the house hassle free.
  • Be sure that walkways, stairs, and even the garage and driveway are well lit.
  • If needed, add additional lighting at the location of the lock box to make it easy to find and operate.
  • Don’t neglect the yard. For many homes the yard is a huge selling point. Make sure to showcase it with great overall lighting. You may want to consider area lighting to highlight desirable landscaping features, outdoor seating areas or other architectural elements such as a gazebo.

Illuminate the Interior

  • Poor overall lighting can make a home feel dingy or even unwelcoming. Be sure that there’s enough warm, bright lighting in every room to give it an inviting look.
  • Show off the home’s premium features with spot lighting. Are the kitchen counter tops updated? Consider adding under-cabinet lighting to highlight them. Other features to consider highlighting include:
    • A wet bar or wine storage area
    • Architectural features such as alcoves and built in display areas
    • High-end appliances
  • Finally, don’t neglect the more utilitarian parts of a home that buyers will want to see clearly such as the:
    • Garage
    • Laundry room
    • Basement