Energy Efficiency
At Skyscraper Agency, we are committed to operating our properties with efficiency, not just in the way we manage day-to-day administration, but also in our outlook on the environment. A properly maintained mechanical system will use less energy, cost less to operate, and last much longer. We always strive to operate the mechanical systems in our buildings at peak performance, and when a system needs to be replaced due to age or sub-optimal efficiency, we seek out sustainable alternatives with both environmental and economic benefits. Following are just some of the ways that all of us at Skyscraper Agency live out our commitment to energy efficiency and the environment:


Keeping heating systems balanced is essential to maximizing energy usage (and preventing overheated residents from opening windows in mid-winter!). Simple considerations such as cleaning/replacing old radiator valves and traps can make a significant impact. Skyscraper Agency is up-to-date on the latest in heating technology, and when warranted, we are happy to advise clients on recommendations for changes to replace heating plants or integrate new technology (such as heating system computers) to improve efficiency.


To protect against heat loss, we install only double-glazed windows and insulate all exposed plumbing lines. During renovations and roof replacements, we employ contractors who comply with recommended insulation installation techniques and use efficient insulation materials.


As combined water and sewer rates have increased more than 100% in the past decade, these expenses have become one of the most significant components of any building’s operating budget. Skyscraper Agency’s building maintenance teams regularly check, repair, and replace water and sewer components, and our building staff is trained in what to look for and what to do in case of water or waste leakages. In addition, we also educate residents on water conservation techniques.


Skyscraper Agency benchmarks consumption of electric, gas, and fuel at our properties, working with third-party utility inspectors and auditors to identify, track, and reduce consumption. We partner with Con Edison and other publicly-funded programs to implement energy-saving devices across our properties and keep each building’s consumption as low as possible. We also contract on a bulk rate discount to purchase fixed contracts for utility supply costs, including electricity, natural gas, and oil.


When applicable, we consult with outside experts to navigate any cost-reducing incentives or rebate programs that are available to our clients from city, state, or federal agencies.